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Who I am, on the inside.

Updated: Mar 11

February 1st, 2023

First, my name. Jennifer or Juniper? Some of you know me as Jennifer, while others know me as Juniper. Either name is fine. My legal name is Jennifer. My preferred name is Juniper. Growing up there was always at least 1-2 other Jennifer's in every class. So, a few years ago I asked myself if I where to pick my own name, what would it be? Juniper came to mind for two reasons. The first being it sounds very similar to Jennifer, an easy transition. Boom! The other is that Juniper trees have always been a source of security and comfort for me. I remember playing and hiding behind them as a little girl. And when you brush up against them they give off a lovely scent that even to this day I love. As of right now I will respond to either name.

Now, what about the terms I used to describe who I am on my "about me" page. Some of them overlap but I'll try to elaborate each one in order to give clarity and transparency. I'm an Herbalist, Artist, Medicine Womxn, Yogi, Channeler, and Energy Medicine Practitioner. I'm new to understanding Astrology and have limited knowledge as an Ayurvedic practitioner.

First, I am a Western Herbalist and Medicine Womxn and the two in my book are interchangeable. The term Herbalist is probably used more in main stream society. What do the titles mean though? They mean that I use plants as medicine. They mean I look for guidance from the natural world in order to bring balance to whomever or whatever is out of balance. I use food as medicine, medicine as food. I gather useful information from many sources and then apply them to help myself, family, and community with any dis-comfort they are experiencing.

I am an Artist and a Channeler. My medium of choice at the moment is glass. I use tiny pieces of broken glass to create works of art that are infused with the subject matters frequency in order to transfer that energy to the collective whole of society. My art is meant to inspire, uplift, and to amplify whatever frequency is being asked to come through. This is a good example of what it means to be a Channeler as well. A Channeler is someone who allows the frequencies of others to come through them. It is listening to the plants, animals, guides, spirits, any other names you want to call them and giving them a voice. A path to allow them to shine through. Being a Channeler and listening to the plants helps me to be a better Herbalist. An example of how these titles are entwined.

I am a Yogi and surface level Ayurvedic practitioner. I have 200 hours of formal training to teach yoga. I taught yoga for several years. Most of my classes were paired with plants and following natures rhythms. A great way to gain a better understanding of something is by teaching it yourself. I love combining movement with the plants. It allows one to feel what that plant might be feeling or expressing. My Ayurvedic knowledge is surface based. I know enough to understand the principles and how to apply them in every day experiences. Ayurveda literally translates into the "Science of Life". Again, using food as medicine, medicine as food.

I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner and a novice to Astrology. An energy medicine practitioner is someone who understands energy and how it manifests in the world by working with the natural elements. It is taking the wisdom and knowledge from the natural world in order to make sense out of it. It is then taking that information and cultivating the energy flow you desire. I do this by first understanding my feminine body. Aligning my body with it's natural rhythms. Following the moons cycles. Learning about Astrology and how that manifests into the world. I practice and am forever a student of yoga. Yoga for me is about getting in touch with my body. Bringing my awareness to parts of me that where shut off before. Moving that energy. Making room to feel good within my body. I do that also by using the herbs as medicine. Understanding that all energy is only borrowed energy and that this too shall pass. I use smoke medicines like burning cedar, pine, and juniper to clear and protect. I pull an oracle card daily after meditation. It helps me with cultivating my intentions for the day. I have a daily meditation practice. In my meditation practice I work on clearing, containing and cultivating my energy body. My teacher refers to it as energy flossing or energy hygiene. And when I'm stuck on something I get curious about it. It's about taking my power back and understanding my powers as they influence others. Everything is energy. Energy has a vibrational frequency. It's about tuning into those frequencies and harnessing them to do good.

I love energy. I love plants, animals, nature and I love learning. I love learning about energy. This is what makes me tick. This is who I am.

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Very Nicely Done Sweet Girl!!

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