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Code of Ethics

There are certain codes of ethics that all western herbalists and non herbalist should adhere to when working with plants as medicine.  This is by no means a full list.  I try to uphold the code of ethics as much as possible not just to be a good herbalist but as a good steward to the planet and community member of society.  If I have missed something or provided inaccurate information, I employ you to reach out to me.  

  • Use reputable herbal suppliers.  All Organic, sustainably grown, and ethically harvested preferred.

  • Before working with a new herb always do your research with Three reputable sources. 

  • Provide the Latin name as well as the common name when referencing a plant.

  • Know the endangered plant list.  Use non endangered plants preferred.

  • Know ones own limitations of practice, make Referrals.

  • Throw out or compost (preferred) old herbs.

  • Beware of any and all contraindications. 

  • Know your plants - 100% positive ID.

  • Consult with a medical professional. 

  • Ethical and Professional leadership.

  • Informed Consent/Full Disclosure.

  • Seek a certified clinical herbalist.

  • Fairness, Justice and Diversity. 

  • Await indications of Three!

  • Client confidentiality. 

  • Herb-Rx interactions.

  • Peer Review. 

  • American Herbalist Guild - Code of Ethics

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