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Cultivating balance through the healing wisdom of plants and the natural world  

  Welcome to Milkweed Herbals, where plants and nature are the teachers. 

Milkweed Herbals currently offers custom herbal products and consultations in the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland. 


Milkweed is the common name for a group of plants that belong to the Asclepias genus. This genus of plants is named after Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology.  Milkweeds have a long history of being used  because of the cardiac glycosides found in their tissue.  The Monarch butterfly uses only Milkweed's as it's host plant.  As the monarch larva consumes the milkweed leaves, it also retains the cardiac glycosides making the monarch toxic to predators.  Monarch Butterflies are now an Endangered species.  They need our help now more than ever! 

I will pledge a portion of all my proceeds at the end of each year to be donated to a Cause near and dear to my heart.  2023 I donated to Save our Monarchs.    Click here if you'd like to learn more about Saving our Monarchs.  For 2024 I pledge to donate to United Plant Savers.  This organization is dedicated to researching, educating, and conserving our native medical plants.  I will also be doing an Artist Residency program with them in the summer of 2024.  At the end I will be donating my artwork for them to use. 

The cardiac glycosides found in Milkweeds have an affinity towards all things the heart.  Through my work with ALL plants I am forever a humble student, steward, healer, and a follower of the heart.  If you allow the healing powers of nature to unfold within you, you will witness a transformation greater than any before. 



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Only by being balanced within ourselves can we hope to balance the world.
~ Anodea Judith

The essence behind herbal medicine

is that it uses the WHOLE plant to reestablish balance within the WHOLE being. 

Just as you are not one aspect of yourself, the plant is not either.  It takes All parts of you and the plant (even the parts you don't see or understand) to find peace and harmony.  ​Healing may also require pairing other healing modalities and/or life style changes to accomplish ones goals.

It takes honesty, curiosity, and an openness from both the client and the practitioner to find a protocol that matches a clients’ needs.  How far one is willing to go will determine the depth of healing.  If you're ready please browse through the offered services to set up an appointment.  If your not, that's ok too.  You can come back at any time.  I hope to expand my offerings to include plant wisdom offerings, news, video's and more.  To find out more about them and when they are offered please subscribe below.

Thank you!



Founder and owner of Milkweed Herbals

​Photo by Angelique Raptakis Photography
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